Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Episode 13

IP Boost Episode 13

Neil, Luckyboy505
Zack Day, Moobeat

-Moobeat’s Contest finished!

-122 Total entries

-Winners: “A Hawaiian Ashe" by KissableKasindra108 Votes (23.74%)

"A Tribute to MINION: The True Champion" by Pika7 105 Votes (23.08%)

"Walkin' the Void Puppy" by Scribble Cloud 97 Votes (21.32%)

-Riot’s Dreamhack Contest Finished... The Tattoo One Won?!
-Blood Moon Akali, Blood Moon Shen
- Based off a Lore event from the journal of justice
-Also, Taric and Tryndamere Skins INC “Soon”
-Shen Re-Work Incoming!
-Offensive Scaling w/ AP
-Something cool with Feint
-Going to “Wreck” Clairvoyance
-Yorick the Gravedigger + Other E3 goodness
- Razer Giveaway

Provided By: Bas Hamer

my rage at soloque has not subsided.

Just had a game where we had a

lvl 22, 75 wins

22 91 wins

22 56 wins

25 81 wins

26 138 wins 23 leaves (ragequit)


27 140

19 70

30 584

24 116

20 244

yes, they had a player w/ more wins than our team

they actually had more than double the wins of our team.

my record was 1/4/0 best of our team. worse than anyone on the other team.


Patrick -- Gangplank

- 5 Gold Per 10 items
-talk about when they pay off and how the items they build in to are good
- when its “too late”
- 14~ Minutes~ Average time to sell the item back to shop and break even
- 26~ minutes = Aeverge time to break even without selling


Sciencias Preval

Hey guys, this is Sciencias Preval. You guys have talked several times about how important communication is in LOL and how easy it is to misunderstand other players (e.g. Pinging that bush means "I think their whole team is there so watch out" not "Facecheck that bush Ashe") Most higher ranked teams will use voice chat to communicate, but that doesn't happen much in lower level games or solo queue. What would you think about Riot integrating a chat client into the game. I think this would make it a lot easier to communicate with your teammates without having to stop and type. However, the problem I see with that is that this would make trolls and ragers even worse than they are now. Hopefully the Tribunal will help to remove some of those people from the game, but you can never completely get rid of them. This is something I would love to see in the game, but do you think it would be practical?


Your army is 10000 strong, which champ do you pick?

I got dibs on PCM

twitter: luckyboy505
ingamenames: luckyboy505, moobeat

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