Razer Naga Contest!

So, you've come to this page to see what it takes to win yourself a Razer Naga mouse?

Well, it's pretty simple. We're still a growing podcast, and we want to help promote our sponsor, so here's what you're going to do to enter!

First, go to iTunes and leave a 5-star written review about why you like IP Boost Podcast and/or League of Legends in general.

Then go to the League of Legends Community Forums, and bump the [Official] IP Boost Podcast thread. Leave a short message about why you like the podcast, league of legends, your favorite trivia, or really anything you want!

Finally, send a quick email to ipboostpodcast@gmail.com! Tell us your usernames in both ITunes, and on the forums so we can verify you did both steps.

That's it!

One more time
1. Itunes 5-star review
2. Bump forum thread
3. Email with usernames for both (ipboostpodcast@gmail.com)