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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Episode 3

IP Boost Episode 3

Neil, Luckyboy505

Michael, eltarpo

-Marble Malphite (More of the same), Bandit Sivir (More of the same)

-Nurse Akali skin, ½ off all proceeds go towards Japan Red Cross Relief Funds (Why take ½ off?)

-Champion Sneak Peak!
Lee Sin, Blind Monk!... Everyone wants this guy so badly, but Riot has a history of releasing entire champions for just April fools. Urf the Manatee anyone?
It’s still to early to see what his abilities will be. Probably melee based, and his picture does have a seal in it, it’d be cool to have another pet champion like annie. Who knows?

How to deal with Losing/Winning Streaks
Play champions that are new! Don’t know what you’re doing, so you don’t feel bad about losing.
Coop VS AI
Queue with different people
Queue Solo
Switch things up!
Take a break!

Guest! Luke: Tryndamere


Learning to last hit creeps.

Why does it matter?
More gold! More experience! More farming! WOOT

Matters who’s in your lane

allies, enemies
What role you play
Whether you’re pushing, opponent(s) are pushing etc
At what point does having a close KDA ratio make you a hindrance to your team?


I like to play pvp with my friends, but sometimes they are in a match. They sometimes say that they are going to win in about 10 minutes or so, so I decide to make a custom match (with only me as an actual player, and vs bots) to pass the time. Then when he tells me he's ready, I leave the game and join him. I assumed it was alright since if you leave a match with only you in it, you can't reconnect (same applies if the internet fails). Now when I click end game, it says leaving multiple games like that will have my account suspended, would I like to continue. I decided to play it safe and wait until the 20 minute mark, then surrender. Was I foolish to keep my friend waiting?


Mercury Treads: What's the best way to convince your team to get them when against a CC Heavy Team?

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