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Monday, April 4, 2011

Episode 4

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Show Notes:

Neil, Luckyboy505

Michael, eltarpo

-New Skins
-Firefang WarWick, Kennen MD, Workshop Shaco
-Lots of bug fixes!
-That’s all it said, lol... what the heck does that mean?!
-Made turrets more effect against champs... do damage faster... less likely of tower diving?
-Not necessarily more effective against tanks though
-More buffs to Garen and Kaitlyn... People are happy....... :P
-Lee Sin Delayed until April 1st! *gasp*
-Champion Spotlight Spoof
-what do we think of Lee Sin
-Many think he's under powered, Q too slow, too squishy, unclear role in team: assassin, tank, bruiser?

-People sucking at the free champs!!!!!
Blitzcrank, Twitch, Nocturne, Heimer, Karma... OMG
These are all hard champs to play, but they can be really good if played correctly, so people want to try them once they see people play them well... So when they go free people will try them out. AND FAIL. AND FEED.

Guest: Mike, Diglio
-Champion in general
-Team Fight → End Game
-Harass early, don’t let him kite you when his ult is up

How to treat your fellow team members.
Always be polite. Assume the best of people first!
Always start a game with GL HF! If someone says something mean or stupid in response, don’t take offense, take it as a joke. Laugh with and at your teammates mistakes, don’t call them noobs! Everything will turn out much better. Promise. You’ll have more fun. Make more friends, and you’ll win more games!



You're a summoner that found out there's zombies everywhere. And you have no one really to protect you. Which three champions would you pick to go with you?


Recently I flew into a rage when my keyboard stopped working in a match. Now I am keyboard-less until my check comes in so I can buy a wired one. Been thinking which champions will be easy to use with a mouse only. I have a few in mind but I would like to hear other peoples opinion.

twitter: luckyboy505
ingamenames: luckyboy505, eltarpo

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