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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Episode 6

IP Boost Episode 6

Show Notes:

Neil, Luckyboy505

Michael, eltarpo

-Cottontail Teemo!!!!!!!, Battleborn kayle now out
-Brand Released
-Patch Released
-Nocturne Nerfs, and Lee Sin buffs
-Server Instability, more in Rage Quit, Riot gives everyone 350 RP

-Champion Concepts forum Released

-Global Teleports Going away!
-Riot wants ults that have global effects to be gone, and to be something that players can react to, instead of just “hope” that the player doesn’t use at that time. Like Karthus, TF, Pantheon, etc...
-Some say this is to help make Magma Chamber more viable when it comes out because global teleports would break it.
-First peak at the Monkey King, all we have is a YouTube video featuring some animations, but he will be playable in game soon
-RUMBLE, The Mechanical Yordle

-Servers were off for one day for a patch. People freaked out on the forums and elsewhere. Ridiculous. Forum posts with 60+ pages formed, most complaining others telling them to chill. Some say that this is what you get for a free game, but others say that they’ve paid money. etc etc...
-Riot gives everyone 350 RP
-makes most everyone happy, and wets the taste buds of those people that haven’t used any microtransactions yet.
-you can’t really do anything with 350 RP except for wait for the cheapest skins to go on 50% off that you want... so you’re stuck buying more just to use the free ones you just got!

Zack from
The Awesome Distracting Armoredillo (The Almost Amazing Alliteration)

AD Carry vs AP Carry
AD Carry- Does damage with some spells, but mostly basic attacks. Goal: Do as much damage as humanly possible, while surviving!

AP Carry- Focus the AD Carry with spells, then survive!


Which role do you think is most game changing? I have to go with jungler because he can be the most game-changing throughout the game (early game jungling/counterjungling, then ganking, then dragon and warding mid game, and baron late game). If you have a bad jungler it's awful and if you have a great jungler it helps tremendously.

What was the worst team you’ve ever played on? I guess i had mine just last game. Everyone was playing carries so i decided to play alistar. Within 12 minutes everyone except me was 0-5 in average. I had 1/1/0 and decided to troll for the last 8 minutes:P

what was your worst team?

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