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Monday, April 25, 2011

Episode 7

Show Notes

IP Boost Episode 7

Neil, Luckyboy505

Michael, eltarpo

-Riot released a New Patcher that will make patches go out more quickly with less server instability BUT it broke the current custom skin moding community!!!
-Hohums said:

-"We did not intentionally remove the ability to make custom skins however we need to change how patching worked to:

1) To fix issues preventing people from playing when they replace files and break the game.

2) To support replays and other features in the future.

As to why they don't work currently... that's an issue for the custom skins community to resolve. I can't give information on how."

-New Champion: Rumble
-Art Spotlight
-Abilities (Including new resource mechanic)
-Melee, caster with flamethrower dude.... Uses ranged abilities to slow and to build up heat into the “danger zone” then he gets in close and uses his flamethrower to max out and bashes faces.
-Riot released the new patch notes for Tuesday in a video featuring ingame footage this week. Weird. I was annoyed that there wasn’t any sort of written supplement to it as well. What’s wrong with reading?!
-Featured reworks of champs
-Allistar, new passive (Trample), better farming etc etc
-Fiddlesticks, more consistent, other minor stuff
-Gangplank, NO MORE DENY MECHANIC, smaller ult, but increased slowing abilities within zone
-Xin Zhao, lowered dueling abilitiy, buffed team-fight survivability
People that don’t understand the basic mechanics of their champ and how to use them.
Blitzcrank that charges INTO a nunu ult!?
Nocturne that insists on initiating every fight
Fiddle that ults just to escape, or to kill one guy all game
People that are learning a new champ that don’t want to take any time to play AI matches
What other examples?
How to respond?

MICHAEL -- Janna

Snowballing Items
What is it?
Which Items?
Mejais Soulstealer, Sword of the Occult, Leviathans

Which champ(s) do you regret buying? I regret buying Warwick, Xin Zhao (believe it or not), Malphite (not convincing me as a concept), and Evelynn (after nerf).

If you could become any champion, which would you become, and what would you do first? I would become Cho’gath and I would eat a car........ don’t judge me. NOM NOM NOM

twitter: luckyboy505
ingamenames: luckyboy505, eltarpo

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