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Monday, April 11, 2011

Episode 5

IP Boost Episode 5

Show Notes:

Neil, Luckyboy505

Michael, eltarpo

-New Skin!
-Urf Rider Corki!
-Nurse Akali FundRaiser Raised over $160k
-50% off Tristana!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!
-New Champ announced
-Brand the Burning Vengeance (He’s on fire!)
Caster... Fire stuffz
-Wriggle’s Lantern Nerf INC! From Morello:

“Wriggle's has been a hot topic on the forums since I announced we're nerfing it. Here's the current plan:

* Combine cost increased from 75g to 150g. Pretty basic. This thing has an insanely cheap premium. 150 is still peanuts.

* Proc is magic damage. This means the +500 damage proc will not give % lifesteal. We felt this was too powerful a stat to be on a random proc, and once you have this, you're basically never vulnerable in jungle and can easily fill up between skirmishes. It's too much and we don't want to decimate base Razor to fix this. EDIT: This will not proc spell vamp!

* Lifesteal % increased from 14% to 18%. This is to give it a little over-time healing back to Wriggle's, which we're fine with. This won't quite even out, but it's still a phenomenal jungling item.”

-You will NEVER WIN a fight if you run. The best you can do is break even.
-The key to any team fight is to have map awareness. You need to be aware of where your allies are, where the enemies are. Who can get there quickly. Who is pushing a lane far away. Who is trying to hit B so they can get mana or buy. Don’t be the Ashe who runs into 2 or 3 of the enemy team halfway up a lane with 2 of your allies not following you and die only to say, “Where were you guys? Derp der derp?!”
-Let’s say you run into a bush, there was a trap set by 2 of the enemies, but because you’d been doing well, and there was a Janna and Amumu there to help you, you managed to escape with half you life. Your teammates got stuck because another enemy showed up and turned it into a 3 on 2, but if you would have turned around after the original 2 turned on the Amumu you could have possibly won the battle. Always be aware of what is going on. Don’t just react to “HOLY CRAP, didja see those guys?! Thems were in our bushes!!!”


How to assist your jungler
If he starts at blue Respective lane should split in order to help prevent a gank.
If restarts at golem likewise.
Help keep him apprised of easy ganks in your lane before you make a move.
How to help jungler start at blue
Only if asked for
Only hit the Big guy! And if you have aggro from it, make sure you don’t run so far out that it resets before the jungler gets aggro, otherwise all your effort is wasted!

Sacred Sinner
-Should surrender votes be kept hidden from the opposing team when they are failed? It seems like it is a morale boost for the other team, and a morale killer for the other team when they see that someone wants to give up! What do you think?

What was your funniest kill? Mine was an early game Zilean. The Panthean that I was laning with had just hit 6 and he was ulting into a battle, so I put a bomb and speed boost on him. A couple of second later......... “Doraq has slain WTFjusthitme”

twitter: luckyboy505
ingamenames: luckyboy505, eltarpo

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